A cheap run down R5 unit with a bad attitude


R5-K3 is an unreliable droid. He may or may not want to help, and may or may not make things worse. Luckily he is currently in pieces were no harm can come to him… And he can’t cause any ‘Accidents’


R5-K3 is an R5 Astromech droid, built for cheap quantity after the success of the more ‘reliable’ R2 droids. R5-K3 ‘dreamnt’ as all Astromech’s do about travelling the stars in the Galaxy. Yet he found himself as a meaningless task as a junk-yard droid. Getting sand in his ‘puter parts and Bantha dung all over his casing. The owner abhorred droids, which lowered R5-K3’s self-worth. (along with scratches of his paintjob and the void warranty sticky now torn)

One day, a group of travelers came in, R5-K3 didn’t even care about his boss nor his work, but a shiny glimmer caught his eye. Upset at R5-K3’s performance at one of his most meaningless duties, the owner kicked him out to the junkyard. Finding himself bored he played a little kick-the-metal-what-is-that-doo-hicky?

DR01-d leaving the rest of the party to enjoy the wonderful sights that Tatooine has to offer, especially at local junkyards. His party failing to convince the cheapskate-cheat of the owner, R5-K3 makes a couple binary chatter with DR01-d, soon he was rubbing his mechanical hands scheming things… For his comrades of course, R5 accepted with a chippy spirit to ‘procure’ a certain Hyper Matter Reactor Ignitor.. As soon as he got the part, he was on his way.. Leaving R5-K3’s chips rather sad.

Moments later, scrapping himself on another one of the shop’s metal objects. He managed to knock off and deactivate his restrainer bolt. Taking his opportunity to escape his master, and not be beaten by him for his.. uncertainty where his HMRI went. Knowing only that they were going to a certain ship he made off to find his wonderful friend.

He entered the docking bay, luckily the ramp was down, figuring his friend was on board he started to climb aboard. Unluckily, he did not realize the Imperial Storm troopers opening fire on him, blasting his droid chassis apart, spreading his chips and bolts all over inside the ship.

- complete with plot-holes and spelling errors


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