Jakati- Trandoshan Hired Gun

An imposing figure with scaly light-green reptilian skin and a serious stare.


Species: Trandoshan
Career[Specializations]: Hired Gun [Bodyguard] [Mercenary Soldier]
Planet of Origin: Trandosha
Age: Thirty-three standard years
Wound Threshold: 17 // Strain Threshold: 12 // Soak: 3(4 with armor)

BR:3 / AG:3 / Int:2 / Cun:2 / Will:2 / Pr:2

General Skills:

Combat Skills:

Talents and Special Abilities:
Natural Weapons: Claws
Point Blank(2)
Side Step(3)


Like the majority of his kind, Jakati grew up on the path of the warrior with the firm belief in the importance of the hunt to appease their goddess, the Scorekeeper. Upon reaching adulthood, Jakati decided that the best way to increase his jagannath points was to prove himself on the field of battle against the Trandoshans’ most hated and worthy foe- the wookies on Kashyyk.

Joining up with the Trandoshan raiding teams on Kashyyk that were hunting wookies to provide the Empire with cheap labor, Jakati hired himself out as a bodyguard and soldier for several of the raiding team leaders and was able to earn a reputation as a fierce and loyal fighter. His raw strength was exceptional and he relished in the moments when he was able to engage in close quarters combat and rip into his opponents with his claws.

But years of capturing and killing wookies started to get mundane and Jakati longed for a greater challenge to increase his jagannath points. Jakati decided that it was time for a change, and sent word to his older brother Varga- who owned his own starship and worked as a smuggler. Jakati was deeply fond of his brother and idolized his older sibling’s sense of adventure and courage with the dangerous lifestyle he was involved in- not to mention the wonders that he must have seen traveling the stars and the alien creatures that he had surely encountered- some of which would have provided challenging sport no doubt.

When Varga was able to rendezvous with Jakati, the younger sibling told his brother about his wish to join his crew. Many times Varga had told Jakati stories about the great heists that he was successful in, the wonderful items stolen and the close calls with authorities and crime lords. And it was these stories that made Jakati see his brother as a criminal hero of sorts and inspired Jakati to want to give the life of a professional criminal a try to show that he could be as successful, or more so, in this as he had been as a Kashyyk raider. Varga was ever so supported of his brother’s offer to join his crew and the two talked for hours about the best job, heist or smuggling run, that would put them on top and bring them fame as some of the best in the business.

But Jakati’s reckless ambition got the best of him. Fueled by the success of several minor smuggling runs, Jakati convinced his brother to take on a big job that offered a big payout from the crime lord Sinsau the Hutt. The job should have been relatively straight forward- pick up several crates of high-tech weaponry and equipment (which was most likely stolen from the Empire) and transport it to another planet for delivery to an associate of Sinsau’s. As long as they were able to fool or outrun the Imperial customs ships and roving pirates, Varga’s crew should have no complications.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned as the job was compromised from the start. Someone had gained knowledge of the cargo exchange and its pick-up point, and shortly after arrival, both parties were attacked by a heavily-armed force. To this day Jakati does not know who these attackers were but suspects that rebels, the men of a rival crime lord, or even agents of the Empire are a possibility. Despite the fighting prowess of Jakati and companions, this was a battle that could not be won and they had to flee in order to save their lives- leaving Sinsau’s cargo behind. The fall-out with Sinsau from the crew’s failure to secure the cargo was massive and Jakati took responsibility for what happened. Death would have been a punishment, but the Hutt saw in a Jakati a resource to be exploited- truly the Trandoshan’s brawn and fighting experience could be beneficial for the Hutt’s operations. No, death would not be offered yet, but a debt must be repaid.

Jakati’s Journal:

Jakati- Trandoshan Hired Gun

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