Varga's Run

Vapor Station

Old debts are never repaid

Dragging his brother into the collection of his personal line of debt, Jakati personal promises of favors had eventually caught up to him and The Roo’s crew a small smuggling job offered by Sinsau the Hutt Arriving on Tattooine the group meets up with Sinsau’s contact in Vapor Station, a rodian named Jaro who has little patience for the crew, the two crates on repulsor sleds carrying 3 Krayt Eggs and astonishingly a young live krayt dragon. Reminding the smugglers to keep the incubator functioning, the feedbags changed, and the heavily sedated krayt dosed up.
After lingering around a small tusken raider group set assault upon the inhabitants of Vapor Station. Demanding them to go, as the party split to push the cargo to the ship while Jakati and Varga attempt to slow the raider’s advance.
After loading the cargo up the crew pilot out of the atmosphere of tatooine to make it to Green Station on Nar Shadda.



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