Varga's Run

Escape! From Mos Shuuta

Escaping efforts by thugs of Teemo the Hutt the party manages to hold out and kill their pursuers in the local cantina. A slow unamused applause comes from the Bartender after exiting the closet. Informing them of a freighter owned by an associate of Teemo, Trex. And the word that it is in need of a new Hypermatter Reactor Ignitor, suggesting that Vorn might have one. The group leaves for the junkyard, after arriving the party had trouble convincing him that they were indeed associates of Trex after being informed to pay the credits owed for the part. DR01-d Decides to step outside where he meets the astromech droid R5-K3 after a quick discussion about the stupidity of fleshbags in incomprehensible binary, R5 agreed to snag the part for him. Whilst being distracted by the other members, the R5 unit returns to with the HMRI. The group decides to split off to the Landing bay and the Control tower. Kaylee, Oskara, and the Human find themselves being pursued by Imperial Storm Troopers. Kaylee runs and evades while Oskara and the Human dispatch a few of the Storm Troopers, before managing to lose them.

Upon the ship, they convince they are the mechanics from Vorn. Skeptical Trex follows them to engine room with Droid escorts. Managing to throw Trex into disarray, he firmly preps the ship for launch. Opening a channel to Teemo, Oskara came from behind and shot into the Trandoshan’s head. Bleeding there. He chuckled as the shots managed to be heard from the open comm, finally bleeding out.

Varga and DR01-d headed to the landing bay and board the Krayt’s Fang. Before the ramp door went up, from the darkness a red astromech droid came scampering in. Yelling in binary, as a massive force of Imperial Storm Troopers came bursting in.
As R5-K3 boarded he was struck by blaster fire. The damage sustained caused him to explode into parts onboard the ship as it lifted off into space.

-Full of plot holes and spelling errors.



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